Advanceit – Ask It Edition

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Employee Name: Andre Levine
Role:  Account Manager
Working at Advanceit for: 2 years

 Dre - Advanceit Edition


You don’t get to become Canada’s biggest alternative lender without some major talent working behind the scenes to make it happen. Here is a little insight on the employees who make it possible for Entrepreneurs to fund their dreams. Get to know the people behind over 15,000 success stories.


Question: What’s your role at Advanceit?

Answer: I’m an account manager. I basically deal with any issues that may occur once clients have received their initial funds.  So if a client has an issue or request, I’m the guy they speak to. I am also in charge of our French department, so I deal with all clients from the “Belle Province”.



Question: What is the “Advanceit Culture”?

Answer:  It’s very simple really, at Advanceit I’m Andre, I’m not employee #2299322, sitting at desk 112. This is where the company differs from the rest. I can honestly say that I enjoy working with the people I sit next to.  Also, unlike other companies, Advanceit actually promotes forward thinking and upper management will actually take the time to listen to any ideas you may have to improve the work environment. This is quite rewarding and honestly quite refreshing in this type of business.


Question: What’s your proudest client win?

 Answer: Without going into too much detail, my proudest client win was when a customer told me that she had never received service like ours from any financial institution. She went into detail explaining how if every financial institution treated their customers like this, businesses all across Canada would be doing much better overall. I knew that the service that my team and I provided this woman was a huge part in her positive experience and it felt great hearing that.  A few weeks later, I found out she referred two other clients to us!


Question: What drives you to come into work every day?

Answer:  Knowing that I am an essential piece to the engine that makes Advanceit go. Working with an amazing team who make the day fly by and honestly doesn’t make it seem like work.  The ever growing knowledge gained each day and the potential for growth is what drives me.


Question: What is the wildest thing that you have seen at Advanceit?

Answer:  There is never a dull day at Advanceit, no day is ever the same. On that note, I recall a day when I got to work with an X-Man and a witch all in the same day. It was probably the best Halloween “work day” that I ever went to. I must say, it is true that the camera adds ten pounds, because Wolverine did not look as buff as on the big screen. And I also learned that witches aren’t great with numbers.



5 Lessons Every Business Should Learn from the German Soccer Team

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The world gasped last week as Germany humiliated Brazil in a stunning 7-1 World Cup semi-final victory.  The most successful team in FIFA history can now also claim the single worst defeat in a World Cup match.  How did Germany, who when last matched against Brazil lost 2-0, manage to come back and deliver this knockout blow?

Simple.  It’s not important that we fall – it’s how we pick ourselves up that matters.  Read how businesses can learn 5 simple lessons from the victorious German team:

Lesson 1 – Perseverance

Germany never quit after getting to the semi-finals three consecutive times and losing one World Cup match after the other. They kept training, pushing, trying and fighting. You won’t sign every contract that you propose and you won’t make every sale that you pitch but if you’re not ready to face that fact, then you’re in the wrong line of work and should quit while you’re ahead.

Lesson 2 – Adaptability

The Germans played a very different game this year than in previous World Cups;they tweaked and evolved their strategies and learned from their mistakes. They tried different things and whatever didn’t work, they dropped and what worked, they improved. Business is exactly like that. If you are stuck in old habits that don’t work and refuse to adapt, then you are facing eventual failure and it is only a matter of time.

Lesson 3 – Kept Their Eyes on the Cup

The team representing Deutchland had the picture of the stadium in Rio De Janeiro in the German football building for the duration of their training. They knew what they wanted and it was simply a matter of taking it. You and your employees should know what your goals are and what you are trying to achieve at all times. If you visualize your targets and see your goals, then getting there will be much easier.

 Lesson 4 – Working With Your Team

Brazil has Neymar – Argentina has Messi – Portugual has Ronaldo – Germany has a team. You will not succeed if you don’t build a strong team and trust them when you have too much on your plate. Proper delegation, intelligent resource distribution and splitting up the tasks to match everyone’s assets are crucial elements to succeeding. Klose and Muller don’t play defense for a reason. Utilize your team’s strong points and let them do what they do best.

 Lesson 5 – David and Goliath Who?

Germany faced one of the most feared teams in the soccer world and faced them in weather conditions that are nothing like their hometowns. They faced a very strong team overall and a group of men who’s country’s slogan is “a great soccer player is born every day in Brazil”. They faced a soccer giant but their lips never quivered.  As a business, you should treat every company as a competitor and THAT IS ALL. Size becomes an irrelevant variable. You keep going after your targets and the completion that you want to take down and you keep trying no matter how many times it takes you. If you do it right and you keep going, you’ll eventually wipe them off the map and do the impossible, just like the German soccer team did.

Your Digital Presence: A Virtual Word of Mouth

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“We don’t have choice on whether we do social media. The choice is how well we do it”
Erik Qualman, Author of Socialnomics, Book of the year voted on by the American Marketing Association in 2010.

Remember when TV commercials and print ads were the only legitimate influence over purchasing decisions? Well, that day is now long gone. According to studies conducted by the Nielsen Company and supported by Erik Qualman, 90% of consumers trust their peer recommendations and only 14% trust advertisements. As Qualman expressed, we have in fact entered a world where the Product, Place, Price and Promotion concept is being tossed to the side and the 4 C’s are taking over: Creating, Curating, Connecting and Culture.

We will provide you with a brief overview of Social Media and explain how an online presence and digital word of mouth affects you and how you can use it to explode your business like never before.

Over the next month, we will be focusing on Facebook and its best practices, the importance of customer reviews, how to use Search Engine Optimization effectively and the ideal way to fuse these 4 elements together to start making more money.




Facebook – If you’re not using, you’re losing


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1. News Feed Ads

The beauty of advertising on Facebook for local businesses is the ability to zone in on a target audience and promote directly to them. Posting pictures on their walls, posting ads in their news feeds or advertising a promotion directly to the user’s Facebook feed is a great way to boost sales. News Feed ads, which were launched in 2012, are ads that are posted directly into your contacts’ News Feeds as opposed to standard right-side advertisements. The benefits and effectiveness of News Feed ads were quickly understood by marketers, and the total amount spent on these ads increased by 140% from Q2 to Q3 in 2013.

When discussing right-side advertisement vs. News Feed ads, the stats speak for themselves:

 4400% increase in click through rates
 67% lower cost for News Feed ads
 500% higher conversion rate
 64% lower cost per acquisition

Here are several other tips that you will most likely find very helpful.


2. Engaged Clients Are More Likely to Buy From You

There have been numerous studies to determine if there is a correlation between how engaged clients are with a company’s social media and their purchasing behavior. Before getting into the results, it is important to understand the impact of social media on a consumer’s lifecycle.

1. The user discovers your company
2. They explore your different products and services
3. They make a purchase
4. They share their experience online

Unlike society’s previous two step process which consisted of exposure to your brand and the purchasing phase, we now have the consumer consistently turning to social media at all four phases. If they like your company and your products, they will re-post your ads, write positive reviews for you and take and post pictures of themselves with your product online. According to Wildfire’s 2012 study, “How Superbrands Breed Superfans” -

“Brands with high advocate populations generate up to 264% more earned media impressions per campaign than brands with fewer advocates”


Next week, we will be detailing the importance of customer reviews and the most important aspects that you need to understand to boost your business and increase your profits!