Diversify Your Services for Spring: Beauty / Spa

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Spring is all about revival and rejuvenation, making it the ideal season for the beauty and spa industry. From organic products to holistic therapies – consumer expectations are constantly evolving, creating both an opportunity and challenge for businesses. Business owners need to rapidly identify new trends and adapt in order to stay relevant. Below, we look at three of the top trends in the beauty and spa industry for 2015.

Beauty and spa

Wellness Treatments:  Gone are the days when going to the spa was just about pampering. Today’s customers are savvier than ever and want a spa experience that yield results. The most popular wellness treatments focus on both health and emotional well-being. For a more holistic approach, consider offering treatments that target different parts of the body – hot stone massages for the muscles, argan oil products for the skin, and meditation for the mind.

Men’s Grooming: The male grooming industry has taken off big time. Based on current trend reports, men are beginning to recognize the value of taking better care of themselves, and there is an increase in the demand for grooming services.  Create a designated section in your salon where your male clients will be comfortable. Start off by offering the more basic services – haircuts, shaves and trims.

Anti-Aging: The world is obsessed with youth, and because of that obsession anti-aging is one of the fastest growing categories in the beauty industry. No longer the exclusive, behind-the-door treatments of the past, many salons are beginning to offer their customers products and techniques designed to reduce the signs of aging. Seaweed facial, Dead Sea salt treatments and aromatherapy are just a few non-invasive treatments you can add to your catalog.

The beauty industry continues to experience exponential growth, and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Make sure you don’t get left behind!

Is one these services the key to your future growth and success? 

Diversify Your Services for Spring – Retail

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In today’s competitive retail market, complacency is the enemy of success. Retailers need to think one step ahead to ensure they are meeting the new demands of a digital world. Spring is the perfect time for retail business owners to look beyond the array of services they offer and brainstorm on new ways they can expand their brand. Today, we look at some additional services you can offer your customers this spring.

Mobile Point of sales (POS)
Mobile Checkouts: It’s no surprise that forward-thinking retailers like Apple and Starbucks have already implemented mobile checkout technology in their stores. For retailers, long lines are an opportunity for customers to change their minds. Introducing mobile point-of-sale (POS) devices in your store will a) enable your customers to easily checkout without waiting in line, b) allow your staff to interact with your customers in a new way, and c) gives your store an advantage over the competition.

Pop-up Shops: Pop-up shops are nothing new (Halloween shops, firework stands, etc.); however they are a huge trend in the retail world right now. These temporary stores are a great way for retailers to test new markets and build brand awareness. And, due to their popularity they can generate a lot of buzz for your business.

Personal Shoppers: A personal shopper can make life much easier for those customers who lead busy lifestyles or don’t enjoy shopping. By personalizing their experience you decrease the stress of browsing, increase the odds of shopping success and build customer loyalty. Go the extra mile by offering a seasonal service that brings your new collection directly to the customer. For example, keep a database of their measurements and bring samples to their homes. Or, send them an e-catalog.

Whatever strategy you decide to use, the point is to offer a new service that exceeds the quality of service they are used to.

Diversify Your Services for Spring – Restaurants

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Spring is a busy season for restaurants. And with a slew of trendy newcomers popping up during the warmer weather, restaurateurs need to step up their game to stay relevant. In the restaurant industry, keeping ahead means looking for ways to diversify the products and services you offer your customers. Below we look at fresh new ways you can expand your services for spring.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes: Cooking classes have seen a surge in popularity due in part to The Food Network. They appeal to all age groups and skill levels. Instead of dining out, people are investing in taking classes to brush up on their skills or expand their at-home menu. They are also becoming a very popular gift item for couples and large groups.

Food Trucks: Everyone loves food trucks. Nowadays, restaurants across Canada are delivering delicious, affordable gourmet meals straight to their customers. Taking your food on-the-go is an excellent way to reach clients who may not otherwise have access to quality food. Think district workers, remote office buildings, and warehouses.

Off-Site Catering: Spring is the season for graduation, proms, and weddings. Your customers already love your food, so why not offer to cater their special events? Off-site catering gives you the opportunity to reach a wider audience, and build on the relationship you have with your existing customers.

Wine Tasting Events: Many of your competitors are already doing it. Wine tasting events are a great way for customers to sample the best of what you offer. Take it a step further and start a wine-tasting club or host corporate events. This is an opportunity to interact with customers and to promote your restaurant.

What additional services do you plan to offer this spring?