5 memorable ways to thank your customers during the holidays

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The holidays are all about giving, so why not use it as a chance to build stronger customer relations? Showing gratitude to your customers is bound to hit home and make them feel special. Saying “thank you” is always nice, but going out of your way to show it will be much more meaningful. Show your customers just how thankful you are by using one (or more!) of these 5 ideas.

Holiday thanks

Send custom holiday cards

If you have access to your clients’ mailing addresses or emails, a personalized card is a simple yet effective way of saying thank you. The keyword here is personalized, as it shows that you have done something specifically with that customer in mind. If you have the resources, including a gift card is a great opportunity to impress your customers. It can be as small as $5; the emphasis here is not on the amount but rather the thought behind it.

Wow one customer

Sometimes impressing only one customer can make all the difference. Great customer service stories often get shared with others, and word of mouth is the best advertising you could get. Do something so unexpected and over-the-top for a customer that they just can’t help but want to tell the story.  If it’s interesting enough, the customer’s family and friends will start sharing the story. Check out these 10 customer service stories to help you get inspired.

Host an event

Interacting with customers in a non-business setting can be a great way to forge a stronger professional relationship as well as show your customers that you care about them. However, be careful not to use this as a way to pitch sales because your efforts to connect with your customers won’t come off as genuine.

Share your appreciation online

Write a short post on your social media networks thanking your customers and list reasons why you appreciate them as much as you do. A thoughtful and genuine message might seem quite simple but it can have a big effect.

Create a loyalty program

If you have regular customers, a special discount or perks can make them feel appreciated. The loyalty program doesn’t have to be complex; you can simply offer them a discount on special occasions, such as their birthday.

Whatever way you choose to show you appreciation, your attempts should be noticeable and sincere.


5 tips to increase your auto shop profits this holiday season

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The holiday season and winter come hand in hand, which means a big rush for auto repair shops. With less than 2 months to go, preparation is the key to driving more revenue. Here are 5 tips to help you make the most out of the increase in traffic.

Holiday tires

1) Make a holiday season selling plan

Your business is primarily a service business, but you shouldn’t neglect the fact that it’s also a retail business. You sell things, whether it is car parts, products or accessories. Create a plan of what you will do different this year to generate more profits. Not having a plan is a lot like going on a road trip without a map: You might eventually get to your destination, but you probably wasted more time and money trying to get there. Analyzing what customers want can help you create that plan. There are many free tools to help you do this, including online surveys, social media and reviews.

2) Create service and product bundle promotions

A great way to sell your products and accessories is to combine them with popular services. For instance, if a customer changes their brakes, they can get a discount on brake fluid. Promotions will set you apart from other auto shops and attract the attention of prospect clients.

3) Stock up on the latest tires

Tire changes are on high demand as the winter approaches, so make sure you have enough supply for the demand. Tire companies are always trying to improve their products. Do some research and find out what are the best types on the market. This could give you an advantage over other auto shops.

4) Offer a variety of automotive accessories

Selling additional accessories is a great way to get that upsell. Showcase these items in a way that will catch the client’s attention as they wait. It would be a good idea to talk to your parts vendor and find out what’s in demand. Some examples could be jumper cables, car emergency kits and steering wheel covers.

5) Emphasize on gift certificates

Gift certificates are a great way to generate more sales and gain new customers. Don’t simply put a stack of gift cards next to your cash register; put some marketing effort around them. You need to make sure people know that it’s an option. You can put signage around your auto shop and personally mention it to clients. Many people won’t think of auto service gifts, so it’s up to you to make them recognize the value of it.

To make the best out of the holiday season, additional cash-flow can be extremely helpful. To find out what options are available to you, simply contact us.


5 steps to getting your business in shape for the rush

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The New Year is fast approaching and many people will be making resolutions to improve themselves and their health. That means a busy time for fitness centers and health stores. Try these 5 tips to make your business stand out.

Snowman lifting weights

1) Offer group fitness classes or health workshops

Group fitness classes are a great way to broaden your client base. Not everyone is interested in exercising with machines and weights, so offering a fun alternative could really pay off. There are always new types of classes emerging, and if you already offer classes, this is a good time to do some research and add new ones. For health stores, health workshops are a great way to showcase your products. The goal would be to offer simple yet informative sessions that discuss the benefits of certain products. This will help your clients choose the right product, ensuring their satisfaction.

2) Create effective advertising

Every other fitness center and health store will be trying their best to attract members during this peak period. What sets you apart from them? Identify what your competitive advantage is and use it in your promotions and marketing efforts. Offering competitive pricing is a no-brainer, but emphasize on why potential clients should choose your facilities or products over another.

3) Upgrade your equipment or add new products

Equipment that is broken, not functioning perfectly or looks worn can drive members away. Make sure your equipment is in pristine condition and, if not, invest in some upgrades. If you sell health products, do some research on the up-and-coming products and be among the first to offer them.

4) Set industry standard for health professionals and personal trainers

The majority of personal training certifications have online testing, meaning there’s no concrete proof that this person has proven their skills in a health and fitness setting. Make sure that your personal trainers and fitness instructors have what it takes because their reputation will affect yours. As for health products, make sure every salesperson knows all there is to know about the different products. Customers will be more convinced to buy a certain product if they get accurate information from a salesperson who knows what they’re talking about.

5) Make it worth their while

Rewarding customers can be a great way to get them to buy your products. Offer a complementary gift whenever clients spend more than a certain amount on your products. The gift could be a variety of things, ranging from product samples to promotional gear. The majority of people would prefer to try something before they buy it, so why not use that to your advantage? Offer a free visit pass to your fitness center. This can help convince new clients or get existing members to bring in a friend or family member to train with them for a day.

To make the best out of the holiday season, additional cash-flow can be extremely helpful. To find out what options are available to you, simply contact us.