6 ways salons and spas can improve holiday profits

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The hair and beauty industry is always booming during the holidays. Everybody wants to look good and get pampered for their parties and family gatherings. This means high client traffic and more product sales. With a thought-out plan, you can eliminate the stress that comes with the rush and make this season the most successful one. Here are some tips on how to accomplish that.

Christmas Beauty Products

1) Create a strategy with your team

Your team is your strongest asset whenever you’re preparing for busy times. They’re in the middle of the action every day, so why not leverage their experience? Discuss with them what should be done this holiday season to increase profits and be prepared for the rush. What do customers talk about? What do they ask most for? What products are highly praised? Leverage that information. Then, start planning what you need to do to capitalize on that.

2) Pre-book for holiday parties

Don’t wait until you clients call to book their appointments during the holidays. Approach them and urge them to book well in advance. When booking their regular appointments, simply ask them about special holiday events they’re planning to attend. Even if they haven’t thought about it yet, this will get them to start. This will help you keep organized and avoid turning down customers.

3) Concentrate on your product sales

Hair and beauty products are always on sale around the holidays. Take advantage of this and retail them at a lower price. Make sure your staff is educated on the benefits of these products and how they differ from department store ones. If you can convince your clients that your products will produce better results than the regular store ones, they’re likely to buy them.

4) Offer special packages

Package bundles will be appreciated by clients because it will save them time. For instance, offer a hair, nails and makeup application bundle. If your clients can get everything done at your business, why would they go somewhere else? This is a good way to combine your services and maximize on profits.

5)  Create a gift giveaway

Contact your reps and find out if they’d be willing to give you a holiday pack free of charge to offer to your clients. You can then create a draw every week until Christmas or New Year’s. This will help you promote your products and show customer appreciation.

6) Think of gift packages

Holiday packages can serve as great last minute presents. For partners that are unsure what products or services to get, this will eliminate the guess work and worrying about how to gift wrap it. This is also a good opportunity to push gift cards, which could help you gain new clients.

6 steps to prepare your restaurant for the holiday rush

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With the holidays less than 3 months away, it’s time to start getting your restaurant ready. Small businesses face a lot of competition from big chain restaurants, so you should be pulling out all the stops to get customers. Making the best out of the boost in business will not only help you make record profits but also build long-term customer relationships.

Restaurant Holiday Decorations

1) Prepare a special holiday menu

Changing up your menu can help you land new customers and incentivize your loyal customers to come try out new dishes. If you’re unsure what to offer, find out from your customers. You can have a social media survey asking them what they would like or give out a simple questionnaire with their receipt to fill out. Alternatively, check out this year’s top food trends from the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association food show.

2) Target office parties

Many companies start planning their holiday parties a few months in advance, so make sure you have a holiday menu to offer them. You don’t need to have a huge restaurant or a rental hall to take advantage of office parties. Many businesses might be minimizing party budgets and only want a small-scale celebration. Try reaching out to office buildings around you.

3) Set up gifts for your customers

Making your customers leave with a smile on their face can help turn them from a one-time customer to a regular customer. Simple gifts don’t have to cost you much. For example, offer to take photos of them and send it to them by email or give them a 10$ gift card for their next visit. The idea here is not the value of the gift but simply to show customers that you care.

4) Heighten your marketing efforts

Getting the word out is crucial to attracting customers. You should post your holiday menu on your website and social media accounts. If you offer catering services, create catering flyers and make sure you hand them out in your restaurant. Alternatively, sampling is a great promotional tool to give your customers a taste of the holidays.

5) Set the mood

Think about how you want to decorate your restaurant. Decorations could help your customers feel the holiday cheer. The more festive they are, the more likely they will indulge themselves. Try to keep your decorations holiday-themed as opposed to religious so all types of customers would be included. Get inspired by looking up decorations on sites like Pinterest.

6) Hire more staff than you need

It’s always better to be overstaffed during the holidays. Great service is a significant component of a good restaurant experience. It’s much simpler cutting shifts, if necessary, than to find staff last minute. Have applications ready with your host or hostess. If you have seasonal staff that left for school, reach out to them to see if they’re available. This will save you a lot of time trying to find the right people and training them.

5 tips for retailer success during the holidays

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The holiday season is arguably the busiest time of the year for retailers. Planning ahead and going the extra mile to make the most out of it can make the difference between a good season and a great season. Here are a few tips on how to make this year the most profitable one yet.

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1) Find out what your customers want

Check out social media sites to see what’s trending. Pinterest is a fantastic resource to discover what people are looking for. Track your followers to see what they’re pinning. Get creative! Create a holiday-themed board and ask your followers to add the items on their wish list and gift list. If you don’t have an account, check the followers of your competitors (and get on creating that account!)

2) Make sure your online listings are up-to-date

Your store should already be listed in local search directories, but if it’s not, make sure to register it. People are always on the go during the holidays and being able to go online to check your store hours, phone number and driving directions is crucial to getting customers.

3) Plan a marketing campaign and maintain a calendar

A huge mistake retailers make is starting to plan last minute or recycling ideas from past seasons. It might be easier that way, but it won’t help you increase your customers. Think about new ideas you can use for marketing and set up a calendar to mark your dates. Work backwards from the due date so you can see how far in advance you need to start. This will help you avoid last-minute scrambling around.

4) Make comfort a priority

If you make your customers comfortable, you’ll have a higher chance of keeping them from walking out. Add chairs and seating areas wherever you can. Huge lineups at the cash or for the dressing rooms can get tedious. You can even try creating a waiting area with refreshments. People like to shop with others and if they have a place to sit, they’re likely to complain less and it’ll reduce the pressure on the shopper to look around quickly.

5) Learn from last year’s holiday season

Review everything that happened last year that affected your store. What problems did you have? What did you have the most success with? What promotions brought in the most sales? This will help you narrow down what you should concentrate on for this holiday season.