Carrotmob Promotes Socially Responsible Change

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Using a funding model similar to Kickstarter, Carrotmob gives the consumer the power to make the world a better place by influencing how businesses operate – and it’s working.

We recently covered an increasingly popular trend called Cash Mobs. Piggybacking off the virality of a Flash Mob, this activity focuses on gathering a sizable group of consumers to promote a sudden infusion of business into a local store.

A Carrotmob by comparison, promotes the gathering of like-minded consumers to locate, and advocate a local business’s commitment to making socially responsible changes to the business.

What does the name ‘Carrotmob‘ mean?

We think the folks at Carrotmob explain it best:

There’s an old saying that there are two ways to make a donkey walk forward: Either offer a delicious carrot out in front of it, or hit its behind with a stick. Think of businesses as “donkeys” which people are trying to move. Traditional consumer advocacy uses a lot of “sticks,” such as protests, petitions, boycotts, and so on. We want to use the “carrot” instead. We believe that we can get businesses to make big positive changes by offering them lots of money in return. It’s a positive, win-win model. So that’s what the “carrot” means. The mob refers to the large group of consumers who come together to achieve shared goals.

What’s in it for the business?

Carrotmob uses a clever form of consumer activism called ‘buycotts’ (where a community buys a lot of goods from one company in a small time period) to help convince and reward positive social change. In a Carrotmob buycott, businesses compete to demonstrate the most socially responsible business changes, and then the network of consumers spend money at the business they support to help fund the proposed change.

The consumer-involved sustainability model is a breath of fresh air (pun intended) that serves several purposes:

1. Local business wins

The business gains funding from an infusion of consumers and funds to support an environmentally positive project.

2. Consumers win

Consumers come together to support local business while promoting sustainability and positive change in their town.

3. Community wins

All this change evolves from people coming together to make it happen. It takes interested, socially-aware people to take on the task of organizing a Carrotmob and driving involvement, while it takes the buy-in from the business to give it a shot and help make their local town a better, more environmentally-friendly place. It sounds like a feel-good story, because it is one.

Get involved in your local community and see what kind of positive change you can help make.

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In a boycott, everyone loses. In a Carrotmob, everyone wins.
In a boycott, everyone loses. In a Carrotmob, everyone wins.