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Is Pinterest Right for Your Small Business?

Is Pinterest Right for Your Small Business?

Pinterest, the trendiest free social content-sharing site of 2012, has been drumming up consistent attention for its viral capabilities and unique audience – women between 25-44.

Its audience is what truly distinguishes it from other social sites like Facebook and Twitter. This highly-engaged demographic is an ideal target for small business marketing efforts, and the opportunity is there to be exploited.

Pinterest stands out from other mainstream social content networks because of its ability to refer traffic to other websites. In fact, Pinterest has sent more referral traffic to sites than Twitter has in recent months, and its referral power has trumped social networks like Google+ and Linkedin in a very short time span.

Should my small business be on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a fantastically visual social network that is growing at an astounding rate. With its ability to search for keywords, it gives you the potential to connect with like-minded consumers and share pictures and images of your products. Although it may not be applicable to all small business (there has to be a visual aspect to the product or service to help it catch on), it can definitely help with brand awareness and consumer feedback if your product or service has some form of fit within the demographic of users.

Let’s make a case for a small family-run restaurant…

With the increasing trends of sustainability and locally-grown produce, a small restaurant has the ability to expose its local flare and fare by pinning chef creations and new additions to the menu, while captioning it with relevant details. Given the visual nature of Pinterest, the better the picture, the better the chance that it will be re-pinned. Furthermore, pinning pictures of the decor and friendly staff will also add a warmer feel to the restaurant’s Pinterest board. The restaurant can also encourage fans and friends to pin pictures to their wall from their experiences and share it with their friends.

Like all things social, it all comes down sharing and re-sharing. The more people that are exposed to the pictures, the better the chances that it will spread,  and consequently, the better the chances people will come by to taste what they have already seen.

As long as there is consistent activity and attention paid to Pinterest, the results will speak for themselves.

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